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- Do you know what's cooler than a werewolf wearing a hat and sunglasses, and riding a motorcycle? Not much, that's what.

- I have watched a ton a TV in the past couple of days:
  • The Office US 5x23 )

  • The Unusuals: I'm really starting to get into this show - they've let up on the whole omg we're so quirky thing (which is good because all I could think was due South did allll of this back in '94). I'm also starting to ship Casey/Davis, which pretty much goes against the fledgling fandom.

  • Better Off Ted: I fucking love this show so much. So much. Everyone is perfect. I need to make/find icons.

  • Southland: is trying waaay too hard to be ~*gritty*~ and ~*edgy*~. Might be edgier if NBC didn't bleep the swear words. I do love me some Michael Cudlitz, though.

  • Reno 911: I've just started watching this on E4, and I'm enjoying the fuck out of it. Is it bad that I find Thomas Lennon kind of cute in it? Between him and Ryan in The Office, I think I'm getting a thing for guys with badly bleached blond hair. I also just bought a pair of aviator sunglasses online. I think I'm starting to overdose on cop shows.

- Annnd, that's all, folks. I'm going to watch Lie to Me and try to work through some writer's block.
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- I bought new comics today, including #2 of Milo V's Rest, and I swear, the art still terrifies me. It's kind of making it difficult for me to assess whether it's actually any good.

- There's going to be a live-action TV show based on the comic Powers! This really excites me, even though I'm concerned they won't do it justice. Powers was the series that got me into comics, and I always wondered if they'd adapt it. If they did it right, it could be an awesome dark Justice League/Heroes fusion. Unh, I'm going to be all over this when it comes out.

- This. (The first set of pictures in the post.) This is just the best Heroes photoshoot ever. I just. *flails* By the way, this one is my favourite. What I'd do for a hi res, non-watermarked set.

- I really want to get volume one of the Middleman graphic novels, but look how much it's selling for. D:

- I have updated my profile, replete with me a picture of me sitting upside down in a chair reading a book on the Nazis. Yeah, I don't know.

- I have lots more reading to do for my history lesson tomorrow, and I don't wanna. :(

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

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+ New layout! [ profile] boombangbing! The old narrow entries impeded my ability to post big picspams. And Hayden looks like she totally wants to jump Adrian in my header, Y/Y?

+ Heroes extended V4 promo! - immediate thoughts. )

+ I got £15 extra on items I was exchanging today because the person doing it messed up and gave me a return on a more expensive item on the receipt. :D I have £25 worth of glorious Forbidden Planet vouchers to facilitate my comic addiction now. :D

+ Speaking of, I finally got out and bought comics - it's over a month since I last went - and holy shit, Umbrella Academy: Dallas is so ridiculously good I don't even know. I think I'd forgotten what a good comic was like after the Secret Invasion onslaught. It's also an awful lot more disturbing than I recall Apocalypse Suite being. Issue two hit on something I find really creepy, and it's making me like this run even more. Which might say something about me personally, but...

+ Something really weird just happened - I was changing the wording of my first point to put 'Y/Y' in, and I hit too many buttons at one time and suddenly 'YES' appeared between 'my' and 'ability'. Even my computer agrees with me, I guess. :D
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So, this basically sums up how my dogs acted all day today. :/ )

Aside from that, Christmas was good! I got a couple of Tim Sale graphic novels, volume two and three of Eisner's The Spirit, The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels, a rocket pendant to go with my robot astronaut pendant, a Nathan fanmix from [ profile] metatarsus, a CD of female artists from [ profile] verav, and a graphic novel, DVD and calendar that I already had. :D

The Rough Guide to Graphic Novels is actually really fascinating, if a little outdated (it was published in August this year and refers to Y: The Last Man as an ongoing series - and doesn't even mention 355 in the summary). Out of 'the sixty best graphic novels', I've read three, and am halfway through two more. I think I need to get a move on, huh?

Also, and this relates to my UTTER HATRED OF THE SPIRIT MOVIE ADAPTATION (they've started showing the trailers on telly - and Jesus fuck, it looks awful), there's a summary of Sin City, and there's a bit in there that says:

'While some have compared Sin City to Will Eisner's classic crime comic The Spirit, there is a very different sensibility at work here: if The Spirit is scotch and soda, then Sin City is scotch and turpentine.'

YES. THIS. Seriously, why does it have to Miller adapting this comic, and apparently using much of the same style as Sin City. :(

I have a crapload of stuff to watch tonight: the last two SGA pre-airs, Life 2x01, Californication 2x05 and right now I'm watching Doctor Who (David Morrissey is adorable ♥). Also, I couldn't resist changing my layout now that Christmas is over: new banner, colour scheme, default icon and FO banner - [ profile] boombangbing. :D
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- So, at the risk of incurring my flist's wrath, I'm really not getting all the RAGE about the new profiles. I mean. yeah, they're not the most aesthetically pleasing things ever, but is it really RAGE worthy?

- Do you know how many times One Tree Hill has made me cry in the last three days? Three. Separate. Times. Going on the pill has sent my hormones and accompanying emotions through the fucking roof, yo.

- Saw Righteous Kill. Yeurgh, more like Righteous Boredom. Jeez, that's an hour and forty minutes of my life I ain't ever getting back. I went with my dad, and he actually fell asleep. :D

- On the topic of films, I totally saw Burn After Reading a couple of weeks ago and forgot to mention it. Guys, I want Chad/Linda squeally BFF fic so bad.

- I think I'm pretty much giving up NaNo. It just isn't coming and I'm back to college next week and I have exams to study for in January that I absolutely no joke need to pass with good grades. So... I'll try to keep picking at my (ha!) plot, but I doubt I'm going to make the target. I do, however, want to continue to focus on my original writing - does anyone know of a good community that gives prompts? And I don't just been ones that gives abstract stuff like 'cat' and 'orange', I mean quotes and the like. I found a community that looked promising last week, and then promptly forgot the name.

- Is anyone else reading Milo's comic Rest? I read issues 0 and 1 a couple of weeks back, and I just... don't know about it yet. I'm always a little iffy when celebs make comics, but it turned out well for Gerard Way. The thing that gets to me is that the main character is physically based off Milo (which is pretty much an automatic no for me) and the fact that sometimes he looks like Milo and sometimes he doesn't is really throwing me out of the story. Also, the artist draws really scary fucking noses. Seriously, I do not like and do not want. (I also finished the Marvel 1985 mini-series, and that seriously disappointed me. It started so strong and then kind of just went 'meh' and fell apart.)

- Ninja!edited to add: I finally have both volumes of Darwyn Cooke's run on The Spirit. ♥ And I read a little mini-article they had in Empire on the movie adaptation, and I just don't know how to feel about it. They're saying that though it visually looks like Sin City (argh), the story is a lot more like Dick Tracy, which I guess is an improvement from whoreswhoreswhores, but I really don't trust Frank Miller not to fuck this up. On one hand, I want to see the film when it's released so I can better criticise it, but on the other hand, I really don't want to send any money Miller's way, because I really really think this is going to end badly for us Darwyn Cooke/Spirit fans. I'm so conflicted. (But on a happy note, my mum's offered to buy some of the Eisner volumes for me for Christmas. Score!)

- Canada talk, you know you love it: for all you Canadians on my flist, is there a reputable website that lists rental properties in Vancouver? I'm trying to check out how much money I'm going to be looking to pay (read: get Dad to pay) for an apartment if I get accepted into UBC. I've only managed to find one property as of yet, twenty minutes by bus from the campus that was $900 a month. Now, that sounds pretty good to me, what with the exchange rate and me being used to the most ridiculously exorbitant property prices, but I don't know how common that is.

- One last thing - I has much pain at the moment. D: I've taken pretty strong painkillers, but they aren't working yet. My life is truly full of woe.
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I could be doing other things right now. Like, say, sleeping, or something equally as weak as that, but instead I bring you pic!spam, because you know you want to see Jason Bateman and Greg Grunberg together - don't you even try to deny it.

Imagine something witty here. )

In other news, does anyone else read Teen Titans: Year One? Because WTF happened with that last issue? Five solid enjoyable issues, and then... that to finish us off. Seriously disappointed right now. (And Secret Invasion: Frontline #2 - 'We have to get these women to safety', crank up the sexism a little higher, why dontcha?)

Fingers crossed my computer arrives tomorrow (doubly crossed since I spent £9.99 on delivery) and that Ubuntu runs on it and that I can fathom have to create a partition, because my IT teacher did it for me on this machine, and I know there's a walkthrough, but I could still screw it up.

Lastly: I have lost my funny. I get very twitchy and unsatisfied when I can't write, and I'm trying to write a stupid little crack!fic and it's denying itself to me. But I am considering tackling NaNoWriMo again this year. I've failed spectacularly two years running, but I think I've built up a little more stamina this year (sort of related: my excerpt got posted on [ profile] heroes_bigboom today, and look, someone's already commented that they want to see the whole thing! *preens*). And anyway, I need to start writing non-fanfiction stuff to show to the creativity writing course panel at UBC. If I get in, that is.
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Comment and I'll give you a letter. Then you have to list ten things you love that begin with that letter. Post this in your journal and give out some letters.

[ profile] crazy__girl gave a B.

Not dial-up friendly!

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I've started to have fear of flying dreams, except that they end up being really funny and surreal, like last night: I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Canada with my dad, normal enough, only I was also with a group of monsters/demons who were very worried about missing the flight. :D Then, apparently, I have a little sister, who, for some reason I think will have to be put into the cargo hold. Dad takes her home, and that's when I realise that children don't actually go in cargo, so I'm calling my dad, all crying and upset, saying how I can't possibly deal with all these concerned monsters. It's actually made me less afraid of flying. :D

FYI: the monsters looked like Lordi.

Other things:
- I watched the first episode of The Nine. Chi McBride as Dana Davis's father. ♥ Dana's character, totally Haitian'd, right? Other than that, not into it so much.

- The last issue of Omega: The Unknown made NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, but the art is so so pretty.

- My mum bought chocolate milk. I'm drinking chocolate milk right now. Argh, somebody don't stop me.

Also, Hayden & Adrian )
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I have installed 2GB of RAM into my Macbook today. \o/ It doesn't sound like much, I know, but both me and my mum expressed amazement at how easily I managed to get it done where normally there's wailing and gnashing of teeth whenever I try to do things like this. Seriously, when I installed more RAM in my PC it wouldn't turn on for an hour and only magically got better when I took it to my IT teacher to deal with and when I was taking my ICT GCSE, the internet crashed every Wednesday morning when we had a class. My teacher blamed it on my bad energy. :D I'm full of good intention and I love technology and I want to work in the IT sector, but apparently technology does not love me. My dad's boss is really into spiritual stuff and years ago he said that teenage girls have bad mojo that manifests in poltergeist-like activity. Uh, yeah, and this guy is the head lawyer for a big Japanese bank in London. :/ At least my Sims 2 is running all nice and smooth now. I can finally watch the cinematics again!

I've finally started reading the copy Tales of the Batman I got on sale and I'm in love. Arkham's inpatients playing softball! ♥ It's about ten times better than Batman: Dark Knight Returns, but then it's Tim Sale and Darwyn Cooke, it would be. I also got Captain America: White #0 and it honestly felt like I was reading a comic drawn by Isaac Mendez. :D It read like a cut down version of the recent Mythos: Captain America, but it looks like it could produce good things, and I love me some Cap, so I'm on board.

Also, I feel kind of really unwell at the moment. I'm barely sleeping, my skin's breaking out again and [tmi]my body pretty much rejected everything I ate today[/tmi]. This better not be the start of some horrible illness - I need to be okay by Saturday.

(116 words away from the halfway point on my fic! Why is NaNo never this easy, huh?)
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This is my bedroom floor as of 2.00am yesterday morning:

The floor exploded. )

As you can see, I read a lot of comics, and can I just say, Captain Britain #1 was awful. I've only read good reviews, but I thought the supposedly the British voices were incredibly uneven, and best of all: Captain Midlands. CAPTAIN MIDLANDS. I just... It's loltastic and not in a particularly good way. The Spirit is still sucking. It's nothing without Cooke, just a string of lame, see-it-coming-a-mile-off jokes with the occasional good bit thrown in if we're lucky. :( And it used to be my favourite comic.

Marvel 1985, however, ♥

Also? It is totally Mohinder month in my room now. :D