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- Do you know what's cooler than a werewolf wearing a hat and sunglasses, and riding a motorcycle? Not much, that's what.

- I have watched a ton a TV in the past couple of days:
  • The Office: Michael! ♥ I love it when he has random bursts of competency. This is why I prefer the US version over the original - they actually show us why he got the job and how he kept it while still keeping it funny. And him being such a sweetheart doesn't hurt, either. I'm going to miss the dream team, though.

  • The Unusuals: I'm really starting to get into this show - they've let up on the whole omg we're so quirky thing (which is good because all I could think was due South did allll of this back in '94). I'm also starting to ship Casey/Davis, which pretty much goes against the fledgling fandom.

  • Better Off Ted: I fucking love this show so much. So much. Everyone is perfect. I need to make/find icons.

  • Southland: is trying waaay too hard to be ~*gritty*~ and ~*edgy*~. Might be edgier if NBC didn't bleep the swear words. I do love me some Michael Cudlitz, though.

  • Reno 911: I've just started watching this on E4, and I'm enjoying the fuck out of it. Is it bad that I find Thomas Lennon kind of cute in it? Between him and Ryan in The Office, I think I'm getting a thing for guys with badly bleached blond hair. I also just bought a pair of aviator sunglasses online. I think I'm starting to overdose on cop shows.

- Annnd, that's all, folks. I'm going to watch Lie to Me and try to work through some writer's block.
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posted by [identity profile] at 05:34am on 25/04/2009
The Office was pretty good, and a really good episode for Micheal. And I'm so glad Pam is still going to be doing sales (this could lead to some cute competition between her and Jim too). Of course watching Charles realizing he'd been backing the wrong horse with Dwight was funny too (probably one of the few things with Charles I've enjoyed). Although I am slightly worried for Jim if the company finds out how he handled the issue.

I really didn't like the UK version myself, although as far as the structural premise of the show the UK one makes like a million times more sense. The fact that that's one of the few positive comparisons I make is kind of tell.

I'm *loving* Better off Ted, it's so much fun.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:33pm on 25/04/2009
Honestly, it seems like for a rational person, backing anyone in Dunder Mifflin would be a bad idea.

Yeah, the five year long documentary is pushing the limits of credulity, but it's a much better-rounded show character-wise. It's a very British comedy thing to have characters with no redeeming qualities to the point where it makes no sense why anyone would ever voluntarily mix with them. I guess the US version had to make Michael a sympathetic character - even fourteen episodes of David Brent was really pushing it.

I hope Better Off Ted gets a wider audience, it's like a scifi hybrid of Arrested Development and The Office. ♥
posted by [identity profile] at 07:30am on 25/04/2009
Haha, the Southland swearing things buuuugs me. And I noticed during the last episode that they blur the mouths, too! Because... we can't tell what they're saying already? It's weird.
posted by [identity profile] at 07:24pm on 25/04/2009
I didn't notice they were blurring the mouths. Why are NBC even bothering with showing it, then, if it has to be all sanitised for TV? Honestly, beeping swear words from TV shows seems really weird to me. Over here, we just... put them on later.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:14pm on 25/04/2009
Maybe they just do it for 'fuck'? I don't really pay that close attention, but that was one I noticed.

Putting them on later is definitely what they should do. It's 10 at night! That's after certain news shows, where anyone can see really graphic-- oh wait we only care about language and ~sex~ over here. My bad. :/