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posted by [personal profile] boombangbing at 11:34pm on 31/12/2009 under
For the last two years, I've tried to do the 50 book challenge. In 2008 I got to 27, but 19 were graphic novels, so.

1. Access to History: Weimar and the Rise of Nazi Germany 1918-1933 by Geoff Layton
2. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee
3. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button And Two Other Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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posted by [identity profile] at 05:13am on 14/04/2009
what exactly is the 50 books challenge? :S
posted by [identity profile] at 04:43pm on 14/04/2009
It's not much of a challenge, really. There's this community, [ profile] 50bookchallenge, that people join and try to read fifty books in a year. I try to do it every year because I never read enough books.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:55am on 28/06/2010
Hi! I purposely picked a random entry to use to send you a message.

I sent this link to Metatarsus a while back, but she hasn't used any of the pics so I don't know if she ever got my message. I notice that you've been tasked with the job of posting a daily pic for more than a few days in a row, and I wanted to give you the *best* link for large HQ Tim pics.

The site is maintained by an Italian fan of Matt Bomer, so there is more of Matt than Tim.

The Gallery is at

To help you navigate,
Prima stagione=First Season,
sul set=set photos,
and the rest is self explanatory.

Just to give you a hint of how awesome this site is, under 'screencaps' there are currently 2451 photos,and that's only up to Episode 12 (so far).

Scroll down to the bottom of the page when you first get there so that you can see the latest additions. You'll see that there are brand new pics from Jun 26th.

Since my hard drive got rebuilt I no longer have a decent photo editing program, and I'm tired of having to use the one on Photobucket or I'd volunteer to post a pic a day from the White Collar Italia site. I'm not making use of the latest Tim pics, so I hope you do for all of the Tim fans at Tim DeKay Daily.

If you need any help translating, feel free to ask. Thank you.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:35pm on 28/06/2010
Oh wow, that's a great website, thank you!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:08pm on 05/07/2010
Hi again!

I've been in contact with the moderator of White Collar Italia, who is very nice! I asked about more screencaps, and they were posted this weekend.

I also confessed to using some of her pics for Tim DeKay Daily. I apologized for not asking before I did it and sharing the link with you, and that it wasn't better to ask for forgiveness rather than ask for permission. Here is her response:

Hi Beth!

I know that comm, I’m a member. LOL

I love Tim as I told you, so when I found that I immediately joined.

Ok, no problem for pics! I forgive you and yes, you can continue to share the pics ^^



P.S. My old icons are mostly David Hewlett (like this one from Traders). I'm trying to figure out who you used for this post, because it's one of those, 'The face looks familiar, but who is that guy?'
posted by [identity profile] at 03:16pm on 05/07/2010
Awesome. The website's really helped me with finding things to post, so thanks for the link. The guy in my icon is Adrian Pasdar from Heroes, (although the icon is from Mysterious Ways). He's, erm, my other great fandom love. :D

Also, ahhh, I love Grant Jansky. ♥
posted by [identity profile] at 11:57pm on 27/07/2010
Because I can't download the biggest and best size of this Tim Comic Con pic, I'm hoping you can and will share with the rest of the class. *sigh* I wish I could afford a new computer.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:10pm on 18/09/2010
I just watched vids of Tim's kids on YouTube. Jamis is quite the little ham, and has additional vids posted because he is the lead singer in a band. Danna's vid is a less showoff-y piano recital. Tim's kids are cute as well as talented. It's such a normal proud parent thing to do, to share their kids' accomplishments. (It occurs to me that the kids would probably love some warm fuzzies. I've got to sign off now, but I've made a note to myself to comment on their YouTube vids later.)

Whatever you decide to do with these, I'm sending you the links to one of Jamis' many vids (This link is probably cool to share with the world, because it doesn't appear to have been posted by the DeKay family and only had 59 views at the time I watched. Maybe you could post this as a link (and not embedded) on Tim DeKay Daily? and urge fans to comment on YouTube without mentioning Tim because the vid is about Jamis and not Tim:

Danna's first piano recital (which IMHO shouldn't be shared because the poster JamisDanna is probably Mom or Dad):

I used to have a pic of Tim in the normal everyday role of parent coach to his kid's sports team. I'd share the link privately, but I lost it when my old computer died. (If I find it again I'll send it on for private viewing only.)

posted by [identity profile] at 02:23am on 19/09/2010
Here's the link to the baseball team picture I mentioned in my earlier note (for your eyes only):
posted by [identity profile] at 07:46pm on 26/03/2011
Hi! I'm using this entry because it's as close as I can come to private emailing you.

As you no doubt remember, I won a White Collar prize pack back in February. I'm not saying that to rub it in; the thing is, someone gifted me with a White Collar cashmere scarf; which I also got with my prize pack. I don't need 2 scarfs, so I thought of saving one to re-gift someone.

However, that 'someone' would not appreciate the fact that, although the scarf is lovely and soft, it has a tag that says "White Collar" with Matt Bomer's face on it! I know that it gets as cold in Canada as it does here in Michigan, so I am offering the scarf to you, free of charge, in return for all you've done for Tim fans with TDK Daily. The only thing I ask in return is that you keep Tim DeKay Daily up and running.

If you already have a scarf, never mind! Otherwise, please contact me at with your snail mail addy.

P.S. - If you ever need to take a break from the daily posting, I would not mind taking over for a short time. I (almost) always have time to go online on the weekends, but I can make it a point to do some Mon thru Fri if you need me to.